Before the Event

A poster for the event

The Hallway entry with Panja Jurgens' "Angel of Peace"

The Great Hall Lobby

Setting the Stage for Quentin

The audience reading

Phillip Ward and Jeffrey Roth, Esq.

Adrian and Oona Goycoolea

Nancy Woodcock and Frances Ramsay

Peter Ramsay

Peggy Schunk and Sylvia Miles

Phillip Ward and Brian DeShazor

Emile Wamsteker at work

Ned Rorem and Barbara Grecki

Penny Arcade, Sylvia Miles, and Baroness von Korber Bernstein

Larry Ashmead reading the tribute booklet

Guy Kettelhack and Larry Ashmead

Eric Bentley, Stephen Sorrentino, Larry Ashmead, and Guy Kettelhack

The Thompsons reading

The Event

After the Event

The Reception

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